Babies from 4 months of age are individually cared for

Robindale baby care

Early childhood development is critically important. At Robindale baby care, babies from 4 months up to 1 year of age receive individualised care from dedicated teachers and minders. Here, your little one will receive age appropriate stimulation and will start learning through age appropriate play.

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Important information

To accommodate working parents, the front gate is open from 07:00.


Arrangements must be made with the baby section staff if you wish to fetch your baby early for a doctor’s appointment or therapy.



Arrival and collection of babies
Parents are requested to personally hand their babies/toddlers over to the staff at the baby section. Babies must be personally collected from the concerned staff member. 

Please sign the aftercare register in the afternoon when you collect your baby. Please ensure that every parent, grandparent or lift club adult has a security gate access tag. (Security tags are available for sale in the office.)



Lift clubs
The staff must be informed timeously in the event of someone other than the parents coming to collect their baby.  No baby will be permitted to go home without the prior written consent of the parent. 




It is important that the school is always able to contact you.  Change of address or telephone numbers should be brought to the attention of the secretary and class teacher immediately.

The school’s communication system can be downloaded at  


The Principal, Mrs Cecile Hattingh is available daily to discuss anything regarding your baby.

List of requirements

We realise how difficult it is to return to work after having a baby. We care for your baby like our own. With dedicated teachers and minders your baby receives personal and individualised attention and care, giving you complete peace of mind. 

Please ensure that you pack in enough clothes for the day, as well as nappies, cream (if already finished in the class) and if you baby eats anything special e.g. Purity, his/her milk and juice.  Written communication with you will take place daily via a diary.  A hat is required especially during summer.  Please mark everything clearly.