1 to 3 year olds learn through structured and 

unstructured play

Robindale nursery school

Our wonderful classrooms and beautiful playgrounds ensure that 1 to 3 year olds can play to their heart’s content, receiving age appropriate stimulation and developing critical gross and fine motor skills.


We follow the Gauteng Department of Education school roster. Aftercare is available in the afternoons and holiday school is included in the school fees.


The school is closed only on official public holidays and during the holidays at the end of the year during the Christmas season.

Progress reports for older children are handed out every semester, as well as an adaptation report after the first term. Feedback regarding sleep times and meals is communicated to the parents of the babies daily. Occupational and speech therapists are available when necessary.

If you’re ready for more info, we’d love for you to come visit us.

Individualized care

To accommodate working parents, the front gate is open from 07:00.

Arrangements must be made with the staff if you wish to fetch your baby early for a doctor’s appointment or therapy.

Arrival and collection of babies
Parents are requested to personally hand their toddlers over to the staff at the toddler section. Toddlers must be personally collected from the concerned staff member. 


Please sign the aftercare register in the afternoon when you collect your toddler. Please ensure that every parent, grandparent or lift club adult has a security gate access tag. (Security tags are available for sale in the office.)


Lift clubs
The staff must be informed timeously in the event of someone other than the parents coming to collect their toddler.  No toddler will be permitted to go home without the prior written consent of the parent. 



It is important that the school is always able to contact you.  Change of address or telephone numbers should be brought to the attention of the secretary and class teacher immediately.


The school’s communication system can be downloaded at  


The Principal, Mrs Cecile Hattingh is available daily to discuss anything regarding your toddler.

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1-2 year old's programme

07h00 – 08h00: Arrival and free play inside

08h00 – 08h20: Opening and breakfast

08h20 – 09h15: Activity / free play / story ring

09h15 – 09h30: Refreshments

09h30 – 10h30: Free play outside / movement activities

10h30 – 12h15: Resting time

12h15 – 12h30: Waking up and toilet routine

12h30 – 12h45: Lunch

12h45 – 13h30: Half day toddlers home time

2-3 year old's programme

07h00 – 08h00: Arrival and free play inside

08h00 – 08h20: Breakfast

08h20 – 08h30: Opening (devotional singing, weather chart, register)

08h30 – 08h45: First ring (theme discussion, language development, news, poems)

08h45 – 09h20: Creative activity, perceptual activities en free play inside (Wednesday: baking)

09h20 – 09h35: Second ring: (movement activities, music, science, perception, birthday ring)

09h35 – 09h45: Tidy up time & toilet routine

09h45 – 10h00: Refreshments

10h00 – 11h00: Free play outside & bicycle track (Extra murals)

11h00 – 11h15: Toilet routine

11h15 – 12h30: Resting time

12h30 – 12h40: Story time (Bible story, puppet show, library books)

12h40 – 13h00: Lunch

13h00 – 13h30: Outside free play, after care starts

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